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Directory of Third Party Mediation Institutions

From: CICC         Updated: 2018-12-05   

As per the declarations filed by relevant institutions and after comprehensive considerations of factors including the number of international commercial dispute cases administered by each institutions therebefore, their international influence and their informational development, it is now determined that the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Mediation Center and the Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center be included into the first group of mediation institutions in the "one-stop" international commercial alternative dispute resolution mechanism.


Brief Introduction


China Council for the Promotion of   International Trade Mediation Center (CCPIT Mediation Center)

CCPIT Mediation Center, formerly known   as Beijing Mediation Center (before year 2000), was established in 1987. It   is a permanent mediation institution that assists, in an independent and   impartial manner, the parties to resolve civil and commercial disputes   through mediation. Since the reform and opening-up and to meet the needs of   the improvement of the socialist market economy, it has been growing and has   now established 42 domestic sub-centers in various regions of the country,   forming a nationwide mediation network. The sub-centers apply the same   mediation rules and are subject to the guidance of the headquarter.

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Shanghai Commercial   Mediation Center (SCMC)

SCMC is a third-party commercial   mediation institution established on January 8, 2011 with the approval of the   Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Administration   Bureau of Non-Governmental Organizations. The SCMC has a team of mediation   professionals who have not only an in-depth knowledge of domestic and foreign   commercial legal practices but also a deep understanding of Chinese culture.   The SCMC provides Chinese enterprises as well as foreign enterprises and   organizations in China with effective, efficient, economical, and flexible   services to settle commercial disputes, maintaining and promoting harmony and   the commercial relationship, which greatly lower litigation costs and time   and enhance dispute settlement efficiency.

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