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Luo Dongchuan Expressed Intention to Create an Arbitration-Friendly Judicial Environment and to Actively Serve Construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative When Delivering Keynote Speech in China Arbitration Summit 2018

From: The People’s Courts News and Communication Agency    Qiao Wenxin     Updated: 2018-09-17

In the morning of September 17, China Arbitration Summit 2018 was opened in Beijing. The Summit was jointly organized by the Supreme People's Court of China, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. Luo Dongchuan, Vice-president of the Supreme People’s Court of People’s Republic of China attended the Summit and delivered a keynote speech.

Luo Dongchuan pointed out that China’s courts have always been strictly performing obligations under the New York Convention, persisting in the position for supporting the development of arbitration, and fully respecting right of choice of parties to settle dispute through arbitration. The Supreme People’s Court has formulated and issued various judicial interpretations to regulate the judicial review of arbitration, to establish international commercial dispute resolution mechanism and institutions for “Belt and Road Initiative”, and to create an arbitration-friendly judicial supervision environment so as to vigorously perfect arbitration system and improve the credibility of arbitrations.

Luo Dongchuan introduced that the Supreme People's Court has made some new progresses in promoting China’s judicial review of arbitration: first, a centralized management system for arbitration judicial review cases has been established , which solves the long-existing problem that judicial cases over arbitration have been subject to different courts or inconsistent criteria; secondly, judicial review and reporting system of arbitration has been established, which guarantees that laws and international treaties would be accurately construed and applied by people's courts at different levels; thirdly, standards have been specified in view of some hotspots and difficult problems in juridical practice; fourthly, investigation has been carried out in relation to applications for judicial enforcement of the “pre-decided arbitration” over internet loan disputes to achieve efficient settlement of such cases, to explicitly demonstrate judicial attitude to the society, and to promote standard operation of arbitral institution; fifthly, China International Commercial Court and International Commercial Expert Committee have been established so as to support the resolution of international commercial disputes arising from the “Belt and Road Initiative” in a one-stop center incorporating mediation and arbitration. 

Luo Dongchuan said that the Supreme People’s Court will, as always, firmly support the sound development of arbitration and be willing to work together with all dispute resolution institutions to create a stable, fair, transparent, and predictable legal environment to make a new and greater contribution to the development of arbitration, judicial justice, and the world-wide rule of law.

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